Let’s Talk Textures!

You want to add the wow factor but are not sure how to do it? You can’t decide which colours. But have you thought about adding texture? In this post we’ll look at how texture could be just the thing you’re looking for!

From concrete effect and timber veneers to metallic or marbled finishes, textures accounted for over 50% of frontals on display at the IMM exhibition in Cologne.
Gary Short, Product Designer for PWS
texture side profile

Carrying on from the ever-popular industrial influence that has engulfed the market, textured frontals are a great way to add a strikingly visual aesthetic to a contemporary design.

How to achieve this look:

Whether you want to embrace the full trend throughout the kitchen, or simply limit it to an island or wall run, the Alpina range utilises real timber veneers with gloss, matt or heavily embossed finishes as well as made-to-measure sizes, to ensure they are completely adaptable to your design.

Check out the Alpina range now and get your texture on!
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