About Unity

Unity is a made to measure collection of edge slabbed doors, available in an extensive choice of 17 finishes including high gloss, soft-touch super matt, metallics and woodgrain effect with a choice of two edge options.

See Unity in different colours

Click on the images below to see examples of the Unity kitchen in the colour listed.

Unity | Pure White Gloss

Pure White Gloss

Unity | Cashmere Gloss

Cashmere Gloss

Unity | Light Grey Gloss Door

Light Grey Gloss Door

Unity | Graphite Gloss

Graphite Gloss

Unity | Fjord Metallic Gloss

Fjord Metallic Gloss

Unity | Graphite Metallic Gloss

Graphite Metallic Gloss

Unity | Gold Metallic Gloss

Gold Metallic Gloss

Unity | Smoked Ash Gloss Woodgrain

Smoked Ash Gloss Woodgrain

Unity | Pure White Supermatt

 Pure White Supermatt

Unity | Cashmere Supermatt

Cashmere Supermatt

Unity | Fjord Metallic Gloss

Indigo Blue Supermatt

Unity | Light grey Supermatt

Light grey Supermatt

Unity | Steel Grey Supermatt

Pebble Grey Supermatt

Unity | Lava Supermatt

Lava Supermatt

Unity | Graphite Gloss

Graphite Supermatt

Unity | Graphite Gloss

Fjord Supermatt

Additional Colours

Colour Options and Finishes –

This range comes with 4 Matt colours as standard finish

Matt Colours – Porcelain, Dove Grey, Indigo, Reed Green

*Further painted colours are available at an additional cost click here to see chart of colours available