A checklist for choosing the right kitchen company

A kitchen is a big investment, so you need to be confident in who you choose.
We’ve put together a little checklist to help you!

1. Check the reviews from customers.

This will give you a great insight into the company. How they interact with their customers, how they handle complaints. If there isn't any reviews, you may want to ask why that is?!

2. Look at pictures of projects they have completed.

This way you can see the quality of the work they actually do and not just the glossy brochure pictures supplied from manufacturers.

3. You can also ask to visit previous customers to see the work in person.

We have lots of our previous customers who have offered to have potential customers come and see their kitchens as they love their kitchen so much!

4. Is the company willing to work with you and guide you to reach your dream kitchen within your budget?

You must make sure you are being realistic with your budget when choosing your kitchen components.

5. Does the company offer massive discounts if you sign up then and there? 

A large discount is not such a great discount if the prices were high in the first place. Assuming you compare like for like – its the final total  price (including installation) that matters. Shop around and don’t pick a company just because they discounting – there are many reasons for discounts and many are not in your favour – old stock, poor quality, company in financial difficulties, desperate sales people, etc.

6. What is the kitchen designers experience?

If you have an unusually shaped room, with irregular walls and angles, an inexperienced designer may not be able to come up with the best solution for the space. Do they fully understand the practical needs and well as the aesthetics when designing a kitchen? You may get a beautiful kitchen that dosnt function properly.

7. Get quotes from different companies.

Compare prices and services.

8. Make sure the quotes are like for like when comparing different companies.

Are they offering the same spec appliances? Is the door the same quality (solid wood or MDF)? Are their carcasses flat pack or rigid?

9. What is the payment structure?

Are you expected to pay everything in one go is there a structured payment system?

10. Go with your gut. What feels right?

If you get on well with the designer, , if your questions were all fully answered and you liked the advice given, if you love the designs – which fully represent your ideas, if you’re happy that your quote is competitive like-for-like, if the company has a long pedigree, if you’re happy with the company’s previous work, if your independent research flags no alarm bells, if you believe they’re most likely to deliver to your expectations – then that’s TRUST you’re feeling – so go with your gut instincts.

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