Did you know we do a supply only service?


Did you know we do a supply only service?

That’s right, we do a supply only service!

If you’re looking for a quality kitchen but have a handy person that can fit it for it then we have the service for you!

We can supply your cabinets, doors, handles, sinks, taps worktops and appliances ( so a whole kitchen then!) We then deliver them all to you and then you crack on with the fitting, simples!

How does it work?

You bring us the measurements or plan. We then price it up based on what you give us. Please note, you are responsible for all the measurements you provide us. Should you get the measurement wrong, you are liable for the cost of the replacement – so get those tape measures out!

We take a deposit upon signing the contract and the balance before we deliver your items. You will need to check all of them thoroughly and notify us of any damages. As this is supply only, we wouldn’t come out to site and advise or assist in the fitting. If you had a burning question, you could call us and we would help as best we can, however, as it says on the tin, it is supply only so once we’ve delivered the goods and you’ve confirmed they’re all ok, it’s over to you . (Did anyone else hear Lloyd Grossman in his through the keyhole voice there?!)

Don’t worry, this is all in the terms and conditions. We’ll get you to read all of this so you know exactly how it works before you sign anything.

If this sounds like the exact thing you’ve been looking for then look no further!

Give us a call on 01733 324111 or email adam@love-kitchens.co.uk



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