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So, the BOSCH Series 8 Cooking Appliances have been out for a while, but do you know about all the fantastic features? We thought we’d do a little post to let you know about the fab features of the BOSCH Series 8 Cooking Appliances


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PerfectRoast temperature meat probe

A perfect roast, everytime.

A meat probe measures the temperature at three-points as opposed to one for optimum accuracy. As soon as the core temperature has been reached the oven turns off so it is automatically regulated by the PerfectRoast meat probe. Suitable for meat, poultry and fish.

Traditional British beef, Easter lamb or Sunday roast chicken – with the PerfectRoast meat probe, you’ll get perfect results every time. Just like a professional chef, but with complete ease. Three highly sensitive measuring points, determine the core temperature of your food to the exact degree and second, guaranteeing perfect roasting results. Another benefit: you can also use the meat probe in the steam oven mode.


PerfectBake moisture sensor

A perfect bake, everytime.

Perfect baking results on one level with the PerfectBake sensor. It automatically regulates the the baking process by constantly measuring the moisture level of the food. Use with BoschAssist to select from a number of baking options and let the oven do the rest. Baking has never been easier. The PerfectBake sensor offers precise sensitivity and constantly measures the moisture level of your dishes as well as automatically regulating the baking process. You’ll never have to set the heating mode, length of time or temperature again – the PerfectBake sensor has it all under control. Simply select the type of dish, such as “Cake”, and press “Start”. Your oven will do the rest. The result: breads and cakes baked to perfection.


4D Hotair cooking function

Cook perfectly and consistely on one, two, three and/or four shelf levels.

Place your food on any shelf level from 1 to 4 and get perfectly consistent results. The new fan wheel rotation and EcoSilence DriveTM combine to ensure that heat is distributed evenly on every level. Bake and roast on all 4 levels simultaneously.Thanks to 4D Hotair, you can place your food on any of the four shelf levels and the results will be consistently perfect.

Our new fan wheel Home Appliances makes it possible: it changes the direction of rotation during operation to distribute heat evenly on every level. And that’s not all: with 4D Hotair, you can also bake and roast on up to four different levels simultaneously. For reliable results from top to bottom.


TFT-control display and intuitive control wheel

Ultimate control.

bosch TFT-control display and intuitive control wheel

With just a small turn of the stainless steel control wheel you can find everything you need to get perfect results. Adjust any of your ovens settings easily. The TFT touch display makes it all clear and straight forward. Immediate premium look and feel of the oven design. Plus integration of mood pictures to bring the appliance to life. Everything you need at hand: our new, intuitive control wheel makes cooking easier than ever. With just a small turn of the stainless steel ring, you can adjust any of your oven’s settings. The TFT-touch display, with its clear and straightforward design, guides you through the various menu options. This gives you full control over your dishes at all times with the perfect end result.



Put a new spin on your cooking career.

Become a master chef at the touch of button with BoschAssist. Select a dish from the various options in the TFT display (existing AutoCook programmes), The oven combines the automatic programmes with recommended settings inclusing, the best cooking mode, length of cooking, temperature PerfectBake sensor, PerfectRoast probe, use of steam, etc. Simply press start and all of the recommended settings will be programmed automatically. But you can just as easily programme your cooking mode manually too!

You could search through stacks of cookbooks without ever finding precise information on temperature or cooking time for your oven. Thanks to the Bosch Assist, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Simply select the desired dish in the control panel and your oven automatically recommends the ideal heating mode, shelf level temperature and length of time. All you need to do is press, ‘Start’. Of course, you can also select these settings yourself every bit as easily.


Easy to clean

Pyrolytic cleaning

When you activate the pyrolytic cleaning function, the oven heats up to 480°C and burns off any grease and food residue. All that’s left is a little ash that you can easily remove with a paper towel. Depending on the degree of grease and dirt that has accumulated, select one of three different cleaning programmes and press “Start” – your oven will do the rest for you. And because the baking trays and shelf rails are all pyrolytic-proof, you can leave them in the oven during cleaning.

EcoClean Direct

While the oven bakes or roasts, the special direct coating of microfine ceramic particles on its interior walls absorbs grease and residue and breaks them down through oxidation. All you need to do is wipe the bottom and inside of the glass door. The direct coating also regenerates every time you heat the oven, and continues to do so for the entire service life of the appliance. To remove substantial residues, simply activate the EcoClean Direct cleaning programme.


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